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Titolo:Antiquity to the 1500s.
Descrizione fisica:XIX, 735 p.  
In:Architecture and mathematics from antiquity to the future.  Basel : Birkhäuser, c2015.    Vol. 1
Altri autori:Williams, Kim.
Ostwald, Michael J.
Contiene:Ostwald, Michael J.  Relationships between architecture and mathematics.    
Roero, Clara Silvia.  Relationships between history of mathematics and history of art.    
Wassell, Stephen R.  Art and mathematics before the Quattrocento.    
Falter, Holger.  Influence of mathematics on the development of structural form.    
Schneider, Peter.  Old shoes, new feet, and the puzzle of the first square in ancient Egyptian architecture.    
Burkle-Elizondo, Gerardo.  Geometric and complex analyses of Maya architecture.    
Joseph, George Gheverghese.  Geometry of Vedic altars.    
Watts, Carol Martin.  Geometry of the master plan of Roman Florence and its surroundings.    
Duvernoy, Sylvie.  Architecture and mathematics in Roman amphitheatres.    
Watts, Carol Martin.  Square and the Roman house.    
Sperling, Gert.  Quadrivium in the Pantheon of Rome.    
Svenshon, Helge.  Systems of monads in the Hagia Sophia.    
Tavernor, Robert.  Measure, metre, irony.    
Dold-Samplonius, Yvonne 1937-2014.  Calculation of arches and domes in fifteenth-century Samarkand.    
Kuroishi, Izumi.  Mathematics of carpentry in historic Japanese architecture.    
Sapp, William D.  Design, construction, and measurement in the Inka empire.    
Nathan, Vini.  Vastu geometry.    
Li, Andrew I-kang.  Algorithmic architecture in twelfth-century China.    
Artmann, Benno.  Cloisters of Hauterive.    
Özdural, Alpay.  Use of cubic equations in Islamic art and architecture.    
Speiser, David 1926-2016.  Symmetries of the baptistery and the leaning tower of Pisa.    
Kappraff, Jay.  Musical proportions at the basis of systems of architectural proportion both ancient and modern.    
Zuk, Radoslav.  From Renaissance musical proportions to politonality in twentieth century architecture.    
Frascari, Marco.  Contra divinam proportionem.    
Ytterberg, Michael.  Alberti's Sant'Andrea and the Etruscan proportion.    
Volpi Ghirardini, Livio.  Numerable architecture of Leon Battista Alberti as a universal sign of order and harmony.    
Di Pasquale, Salvatore 1931-2004.  Leon Battista Alberti and the art of building.    
Williams, Kim.  Verrocchio's tombslab for Cosimo de' Medici.    
Dold-Samplonius, Yvonne 1937-2014.  Muqarnas.    
Ostwald, Michael J.  Mathematics in, of and for architecture.    
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