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Titolo:Allah's automata : artifacts of the Arab-Islamic Renaissance (800-1200) / edited by Siegfried Zielinski.
Pubblicazione:Berlin :  H. Cantz,  2015.  
Descrizione fisica:150 p. :  ill. ;  cam  
Note:Catalogo della Mostra tenuta a Karlsruhe nel 2016
Contiene:Indice: 1. How did the knowledge of the ancient Greeks reach medieval Europe? / Peter Weibel 2. Allah's Automata: where ancient oriental learning intersects with early modern Europe: a media-archaeological miniature by way of introduction / Siegfried Zielinski 3. Wavering between the true and the false: a short excursion through Greek and Arab automata / Nadia Ambrosetti 4. On musical automata (1915) / Eilhard Wiedemann ; translation by Baruch Gottlieb 5. The mysterious provenance of Banu Musa's Treatise on music / George Saliba 6. Banu Musa ibn Shakir: a programmable universal musical automaton: two translations: the instrument which plays by itself (1931) / translation by George Farmer; Das Instrument, das selbststandig blasen kann (2015) / translation by Imad Samir 7. The automatic mechanical hydraulic organ of the Banu Musa ibn Shakir / Mona Sanjakdar Chaarani 8. Berlin university of the arts: reconstruction of the Banu Musa's Music automaton according to their description / Mona Sanjakdar Chaarani 9. Audible splendor: the organ: development and effects in classical antiquity and the Middle Ages / Susanne Ruhling 10. Divine water clock: reading al-Jazari in the light of al-Ghazali's mechanistic universe argument / Ayhan Aytes 11. The horologium of Harun al-Rashid presented to Charlemagne: an attempt to identify and reconstruct the clock using the instructions provided by al-Jazari / Ulrich Alertz 12. The manuscript by al-Muradi from Andalusia / Massimiliano Lisa, Edoardo Zanon and Mario Taddei 13. The mechanical corpus of al-Isfizari in the sciences of weights and ingenious devices: new Arabic texts in theoretical and practical mechanics / Mohammed Abattouy and Salim T S al-Hassani 14. A women's ensemble in Syrian late antiquity / Claus-Peter Haase. Sources and translations. Bibliography. Credits. Authors and editors
Altri autori:Zielinski, Siegfried, 1951-
Weibel, Peter, 1944-
Ambrosetti, Nadia.
Wiedemann, Eilhard, 1852-1928.
Gottlieb, Baruch.
Saliba, George Asad, 1939-
Banu Musa bin Sakir.
Farmer, Henry George, n. 1882.
Samir, Imad.
Sanjakdar Charani, Mona.
Rühling, Susanne.
Aytes, Ayhan.
Alertz, Ulrich.
Lisa, Massimiliano.
Zanon, Edoardo, 1974-
Taddei, Mario, 1972-
Abattouy, Mohamed, 1960-
Al-Hassani, Salim T.S.
Haase, Claus-Peter.
Discipline:Meccanica classica e Meccanica dei solidi--Musei, esposizioni e collezionismo.
Sudd. cronologiche:Mondo islamico (sec. VI-XVI).
Collocazione:Cons. Esposizioni 2016/ 04
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