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Titolo:The 1500s to the future.
Descrizione fisica:XIX, 690 p.  
In:Architecture and mathematics from antiquity to the future.  Basel : Birkhäuser, c2015.    Vol. 2
Altri autori:Williams, Kim.
Ostwald, Michael J.
Contiene:Ostwald, Michael J.  Revolutionary, the reactionary and the revivalist.    
Speiser, David 1926-2016.  Architecture, mathematics and theology in Raphael's paintings.    
Luce, Kristina.  Raphael and the Pantheon's interior.    
Talbot, Richard.  Design and perspective construction.    
Xavier, Joâo Pedro.  Perspective in António Rodrigues's Tratado de arquitectura.    
Sagdic, Zafer.  Ottoman architecture.    
Wassell, Stephen R.  Mathematics of Palladio's villas.    
Fletcher, Rachel.  Golden proportions in a great house.    
Xavier, Joâo Pedro.  António Rodrigues, a portuguese architect with a scientific inclination.    
Morrison, Tessa.  Villalpando's sacred architecture in the light of Isaac Newton's commentary.    
Handa, Rumiko.  Coelum Britannicum.    
Hatch, John G.  Science behind Francesco Borromini's divine geometry.    
Zack, Maria.  Are there connections between the mathematical thought and architecture of Sir Christopher Wren?.    
Zack, Maria.  Robert Hooke's Fire monument.    
Swanson, Randy S.  Practical and theoretical applications of geometry at Claude Perrault's Observatoire de Paris, 1667-1672.    
Ellis, Eugenia Victoria.  Geomantic (re)creation.    
Eaton, Leonard K. 1922-2014.  Mathematics and music in the art glass windows of Frank Lloyd Wright.    
Eaton, Leonard K. 1922-2014.  Fractal geometry in the late work of Frank Lloyd Wright.    
Ostwald, Michael J.  Characteristic visual complexity.    
Poros, John.  Ruled geometries of Marcel Breuer.    
Capanna, Alessandra.  Conoids and hyperbolic paraboloids in Le Corbousier's Philips pavilion.    
Padovan, Richard.  Dom Hans van der Laan and the plastic number.    
Emmer, Michele.  Architecture and mathematics.    
Duvernoy, Sylvie.  Compass, the ruler and the computer.    
Pérez Gómez, Alberto 1949-  Architecture as verb and the ethics of making.    
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