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Titolo:Companion to science, technology and medicine in ancient Greece and Rome / edited by Georgia L. Irby.
Pubblicazione:Chichester :  Wiley,  2016.  
Descrizione fisica:2 v. (XXVI, XVII, 1067 p.) :  ill. ;  25 cm  
Serie:Blackwell companions to the ancient world
Contiene:Indice: Vol. 1: Contributor biographies. Abbreviations. List of figures and maps. Introduction. Pt. 1. Physics and cosmogony: 1. The creation and destruction of the world / Andrew D. Gregory 2. Matter / Daniel W. Graham 3. Motion and energy / Jean De Groot 4. Nature and the divine / Svetla Slaveva-Griffin. Pt. 2. The mathematical sciences: 5. Mathematics / Reviel Netz 6. Astronomy / Andrew D. Gregory 7. Astrology / Kocku von Stuckrad 8. Ancient optics: theories and problems of vision / Philip Thibodeau 9. Hydrostatics and pneumatics in Antiquity / Matteo Valleriani 10. The science of harmonics and music theory in ancient Greece / Sophie Gibson. Pt. 3. Earth sciences: 11. Hydrology: ocean, rivers, and other waterways / Georgia L. Irby 12. Classical geology and the mines of the Greeks and Romans / Paul T. Craddock 13. Greco-Egyptian and Byzantine alchemy / Matteo Martelli 14. Meteorology / Liba Taub 15. Geography / Duane W. Roller. Pt. 4. Life sciences: 16. Greek and Roman botany / M. Eleanor Irwin 17. Zoology / Tiberiu Popa 18. Ecology in the ancient Mediterranean / Georgia L. Irby, Robin McCall and Anita Radini 19. The failure of evolutionary thinking in Antiquity / Devin Henry 20. Embryology / James Wilberding. Pt. 5. Healing and the human body: 21. Anatomy and physiology / Julius Rocca 22. Gynecology / Lauren Caldwell 23. Surgery / Frédéric Le Blay 24- Physicians and schools / Molly Jones-Lewis 25. Pharmacy / Molly Jones-Lewis 26. Magic, curses, and healing / Andrew D. Gregory 27. Healing shrines / Georgia Petridou 28. Regimen and athletic training / Jason König 29. Epidemiology and pathology / Efthymia Nikita, Anna Lagia and Sevi Triantaphyllou 30. Psychology and physiognomics / Arnaud Zucker 31. Anthropology: knowledge of man / Gordon Campbell. Vol. 2: Abbreviations. List of figures and maps. Pt. 6. Food sciences: 32. Greek and Roman agriculture / Philip Thibodeau 33. Animal husbandry / Kenneth F. Kitchell Jr. 34. Oil and wine production / Rafael Frankel 35. Cooking and baking technology / John Paulas 36. Food storage technology / Robert I. Curtis 37. Culinary and medicinal uses of wine and olive oil / John F. Donahue 38. Nutrition / John F. Donahue. Pt. 7. Technology of human life: 39. Greek public and religious architecture / John R. Senseney 40. Greek domestic architecture / Bradley A. Ault 41. Greek interior decoration: materials and technology in the art of cosmesis and display / Hariclia Brecoulaki 42. Roman monumental and public architecture / Duane W. Roller 43. Roman domestic architecture / Nathalie de Haan 44. Roman interior design / Sarah Lepinski 45. Textile technology / Ellen Harlizius-Kluck 46. Urban infrastructure in the Roman World / Klaus Grewe 47. Siegeworks and fortifications / Raffaele D'Amato 48. Arms and weapons / Raffaele D'Amato. Pt. 8. Travel: 49. Greek and Roman cartography / Georgia L. Irby 50. Land transport and vehicles / Georges Raepsaet 51. Navigation and the art of sailing / Georgia L. Irby 52. Ships and boats / Julian Whitewright. Pt. 9. Telling time: 53. Greek calendars / Laura Gawlinski 54. Roman calendars / Robert Hannah 55. Time-telling devices / Robert Hannah. Pt. 10. Synthesis and response : 56. The crossroads of hellenistic and sanskrit science / Tejas S. Aralere 57. Roman responses to Greek science and scholarship as a cultural and political phenomenon / Thorsten Fögen 58. Scientific encyclopedias / Katerina Oikonomopoulou 59. Translation and transmission of ancient scientific texts / Sonja Brentjes 60. The reception of Greco-Roman science in the Renaissance: assimilation(s), transformation(s), rejection, hybridization / Roberto Lo Presti. Appendix: Major writers and thinkers. General index. Index of authors, thinkers, and primary sources. Index of toponyms
Altri autori:Irby Massie, Georgia L.
Gregory, Andrew.
Graham, Daniel W.
De Groot, Jean.
Slaveva-Griffin, Svetla.
Netz, Reviel, 1968-
Struckrad, Kocku von.
Thibodeau, Philip.
Valleriani, Matteo, 1972-
Gibson, Sophie.
Craddock, Paul Terence.
Martelli, Matteo, 1975-
Taub, Liba Chaia, 1954-
Roller, Duane W.
Irwin, M. Eleanor.
Popa, Tiberiu.
McCall, Robin.
Radini, Anita.
Henry, Devin.
Wilberding, James.
Rocca, Julius.
Caldwell, Lauren.
Le Blay, Frédéric.
Jones-Lewis, Molly.
Petridou, Georgia.
König, Jason.
Nikita, Efthymia.
Lagia, Anna.
Triantaphyllou, Sevi.
Zucher, Arnaud.
Campbell, Gordon.
Kitchell, Kenneth F.
Frankel, Rafael.
Paulas, John.
Donahue, John F.
Senseney, John R.
Ault, Bradley A.
Brecoulaki, Hariclia.
Haan, Natalie de.
Lepinski, Sarah.
Harlizius-Klück, Ellen.
Grewe, Klaus.
D'Amato, Raffaele.
Raepsaet, Georges.
Whitewright, Julian.
Gawlinski, Laura.
Hannah, Robert.
Aralere, Tejas S.
Fögen, Thorsten.
Oikonomopoulou, Katerina.
Brentjes, Sonja.
Lo Presti, Roberto.
Curtis, Robert Irvin, 1943-
Discipline:Scienze--Studi di carattere generale.
Tecnologia--Studi di carattere generale.
Luoghi:Grecia antica.
Roma antica.
Sudd. cronologiche:Mondo antico--Area greco-romana.
Collocazione:Cons. St. Scienza C 016
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