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Autore principale:Stefani, Marta, 1962-
Titolo:Lorenzo Magalotti and the animal soul / Marta Stefani.
Abstract:This essay will examine and reconstruct the position taken by Lorenzo Magalotti in the debate over the Cartesian thesis of the bête-machine that was being conducted during the latter half of the 17th century in Italy. Magalotti's specific views in support of the notion that animals were endowed with spiritual souls placed him at the head of the group of Italian thinkers who believed that men and animals were comparable in terms not only of their physical but also their spiritual natures. Magalotti's reflections on this theme are analysed in detail in relationship to the antique concept of the chain of being and the new science of Galileo and Descartes  
Visionato in:IMSS
In:Galilaeana    A. 14 (2017), p. 131-153
Discipline:Scienze della vita--Persone.
Persone:Magalotti, Lorenzo, 1637-1712.
Galilei, Galileo, 1564-1642--Diffusione e fortuna.
Galilei, Galileo e Magalotti, L.
Descartes, René, 1596-1650--Filosofia.
Descartes, René e Magalotti, L.
Sudd. cronologiche:Secolo XVII.