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Autore principale:Pogliano, Claudio, 1953-
Titolo:A tricky start : the first decade of ethnographic cinema / Claudio Pogliano.
Abstract:The earliest encounters between cinema and anthropology occurred while the former was taking its first steps and the latter was trying to better define its disciplinary profile. Among the first to be involved was the Frenchman Félix Regnault, an investigator of many topics and a lifelong supporter of the importance of ethnographic cinema. Racial differences were at the center of his interests, although attempts to highlight them yielded contradictory results. Some years later, the Britain Alfred C. Haddon brought a camera with him on the legendary Cambridge expedition to the Torres Strait (1898) and recorded a few films. The third example discussed here is that of Baldwin Spencer, who, together with Francis Gillen, included the filming of native ceremonies in his studies on the indigenous populations of Central Australia. Not only did technical and logistical problems trouble the start of ethnographic cinema. The theoretical framework of social evolutionism was weakening and anthropology was turning more and more to the study of language, kinship and belief systems. Here the contribution that cinema could make seemed temporarily to be in question.  
In:Science and race.    p. 568-610
Discipline:Etnologia e Antropologia fisica--Studi.
Fotografia e Cinematografia--Studi.
Sudd. cronologiche:Secolo XIX.
Secolo XX.