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Autore principale:Keel, Othmar.
Titolo:La naissance de la problématique histologique et l'École Clinique de Paris / par Othmar Keel.
Abstract:'How was the problematic of histology constituted? According to the thesis that has long been accepted in the history of medicine, the formation of this problematic was the work of the Paris School of Clinical Medicine (Pinel, Bichat and their students). We will show that an important number of late eighteenth and early nineteenth century authors were not of this opinion and that, at the time, it was known that the histological problematic had appeared in the works of other authors (such as A. von Haller, A. Bonn, J.C. Smyth, J. Hunter, etc...) and had been developed by the latter before being adopted by the members of the Paris Clinical School.' From the English summary  
In:Gesnerus    44 (1987), p. 209-218