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Titolo:Il carteggio di Francesco Rizzoli / Raffaele A. Bernabeo, Stefano Arieti, Donatella Lippi, Bonifacio Pistacchio.
Abstract:Correspondence of Francesco Rizzoli (1809-1880), which is kept in the omonimous orthopaedic Institute in Bologna, is formed by a considerable corpus of letters, which the scientist received during fortyfour years, from 1836 to his death: this collection is a very useful instrument to throw new light on many aspects of Rizzoli's life and work. Authors have organized the letters on the ground of their subject, dividing them in four groups, excluding wish-cards: they have examined letters which are pertinent to his relations with patients, letters with scientific subjects, letters with request of introduction, letters which can be related to different moments of his public and private life. In every group most significant ones have been chosen to offer a keen picture of his personality and his activity, which completes what is already known about his biography and work as a scientist  
Visionato in:IMSS
In:Nuncius    A. 7, fasc. 1 (1992), p. 147-166
Altri autori:Bernabeo, Raffaele Alberto.
Pistacchio, Bonifacio.
Lippi, Donatella.
Arieti, Stefano.
Persone:Rizzoli, Francesco, 1809-1880.
Sudd. cronologiche:Secolo XIX.