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Titolo:Non-verbal communication in science prior to 1900 / edited by Renato G. Mazzolini.
Pubblicazione:Firenze :  L.S. Olschki,  1993.  
Descrizione fisica:XI, 620 p. :  ill. ;  24 cm  
Serie:Biblioteca di Nuncius ; 11
Visionato in:IMSS
Altri autori:Mazzolini, Renato G., 1945-
Contiene:Stevens, Wesley M.  Double perspective on the Middle Ages.    
King, David A. 1941-  Some medieval astronomical instruments and their secrets.    
Galluzzi, Paolo 1942-  Portraits of machines in Fifteenth century Siena.    
Rider, Robin E.  Early modern mathematics in print.    
Hutchison, Keith.  Harmony and authority.    
Hackmann, Willem D.  Natural philosophy textbook illustrations, 1600-1800.    
Roche, John J.  Semantics of graphics in mathematical natural philosophy.    
Olmi, Giuseppe 1946-  From the marvellous to the commonplace.    
Beretta, Marco 1962-  Role of symbolism from alchemy to chemistry.    
Knight, David M. 1936-2018.  Pictures, diagrams and symbols.    
Tröhler, Ulrich.  Tracing emotions, concepts and realities in history.    
Ellenius, Allan.  Ornithological imagery as a source of scientific information.    
Geus, Armin.  Specimens and visual representations of animals and plants extinct in historical time.    
Wonders, Karen E.  Bird taxidermy and the origin of the habitat diorama.    
Baatz, Simon.  Biology in Nineteenth century America.    
Camerini, Jane R.  Physical atlas of Heinrich Berghaus.    
Rupke, Nicolaas A. 1944-  Metonymies of Empire.    
De Chadarevian, Soraya.  Instruments, illustrations, skills and laboratories in Nineteenth century German botany.    
Maehle, Andreas-Holger.  Search for objective communication.    
Home, Roderick Weir.  Learning from buildings.    
Correlato a:Conforti, Maria.  Recensione].    
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