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Titolo:History of science and technology in education and training in Europe : a Conference organised by the Louis Pasteur university, Strasbourg, and the Division of history of science of the International union of history and philosophy of science (DHS-IUHPS), on behalf of ALLEA (All European academies), Strasbourg 25-26 June 1998 / edited by Claude Debru.
Pubblicazione:Luxembourg :  Office for official publications of the European communities,  c1999.  
Descrizione fisica:374 p. ;  24 cm  
Serie:Euroscientia conferences
Altri autori:Debru, Claude.
Discipline:Scienze--Scuole e università.
Tecnologia--Scuole e università.
Sudd. cronologiche:Secolo XX.
Contiene:Wilkes, Maurice Vincent.  Historical studies in science and technology and the uses to which they can be put.    
Houzél, Christian.  History of mathematics and mathematical education.    
Miller, Arthur I.  Twenty-first-century history of science department.    
Braun, Hans-Joachim.  History of technology in the training of engineers.    
Hallyn, Fernand 1945-2009.  From Clio's stepdaughter to a bridge between the two cultures?.    
Nutton, Vivian 1943-  History of medicine beyond the medical school.    
Shea, William R. 1937-  History of science and the image of science.    
Smith, Roger 1953-  Teaching of history of science and technology to humanities and social science students.    
Weber, Wolfhard.  History of technology in teaching the humanities and the social sciences.    
Szostak, Roland.  Significance of history of astronomy for the teaching of physics.    
Thomaz, Manuel F.  History of science's role in improving the social communication skills of scientists.    
Holmberg, Peter.  History of science as a way of teaching science to non-science majors.    
Movsumzade, Eldar M.  History of technology in Russia.    
Heilbron, John Lewis 1934-2023.  Lessons from teaching history of science.    
Fauque, Danielle.  Introducing the history of science and technology in the secondary curriculum in France.    
Corsi, Pietro 1948-  History of science: star of research, Cinderella of education.    
Gispert, Hélène.  History of science in teacher training.    
Sorsby, Bert.  History of science and technology in pupils' and teachers' education in England and Wales.    
Ihsanoglu, Ekmeleddin 1943-  Teaching of history of science in Turkey and the Department of history of science at Istanbul university.    
Cousquer, Eliane.  History of numbers in relation to teaching.    
Halleux, Robert 1946-  Conclusion.    
All European academies.  Annex.    
Barth, Michael.  History of science in secondary education.    
Marjoram, Tony.  Round table.    
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