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Autore principale:Boschung, Urs.
Titolo:Commission on bibliography of the International union of the history and philosophy of science : Quellen und bibliographische Hilfsmittel zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Laufende Projekte 1988, Schweiz / zusammengestellt von Urs Boschung und Maria Wagner ; edited by Renato G. Mazzolini.
Abstract:The paper reproduces a report of the Commission on Bibliography of the International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science relative to research projects underway in Switzerland during 1988. It is exclusively concerned with those projects which regard critical editions, translations, correspondence, bibliographies and catalogues of manuscripts or of scientific literature of the past of interest to historians of science and medicine  
Visionato in:IMSS
In:Nuncius    A. 3, fasc. 2 (1988), p. 209-225
Altri autori:Mazzolini, Renato G., 1945-
Wagner, Maria,  (coautore.)
Sudd. cronologiche:Secolo XX.