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Autore principale:Carbone, Luciano.
Titolo:Il carteggio Amodeo / Luciano Carbone, Romano Gatto, Franco Palladino.
Abstract:Federico Amodeo (1859-1946) was a mathematician and a historian of the mathematical sciences. As a mathematician he was "libero docente" at the University of Naples. His interests extended from projective to algebric geometry and his mathematical research was carried out for the most part from the mid-1880s until the end of the nineteenth century. As a historian he was active from the first years of the twentieth century until his death. In this capacity he was interested in mathematics, mathematicians and institutions in the Kingdom of Naples (later the Kingdom of the Two icilies, from 1815), and also in the historical development of analytical and projective geometry and the history of conic sections. He held the chair in History of Mathematics in the University of Naples from 1905 until 1910, the year in which the chair was suppressed. Nonetheless he continued to teach this subject as a "libero docente" until 1923. Here we present the list of more than 1.300 writings, constituting his Correspondence, amongst which the letters of Castelnuovo. Pascal, Peano, Segre and Achille Sannia are of particular significance. We also present the complete list of publications, reconstructed thanks to the consultation of incomplete printed bibliographies and a manuscript list  
Contiene:Indice: 1. Introduzione 2. Federico Amodeo. Autobiografia 3. Catalogo della corrispondenza 4. Elenco delle opere di Federico Amodeo
Visionato in:IMSS
In:Nuncius    A. 15, fasc. 2 (2000), p. 681-719
Altri autori:Gatto, Romano, 1944-,  (coautore.)
Palladino, Franco,  (coautore.)
Amodeo, Federico, 1859-1946.
Discipline:Matematica--Persone: Storici.
Persone:Amodeo, Federico, 1859-1946.
Keyword:Bibliografie e cataloghi--Matematica.
Sudd. cronologiche:Secolo XX.