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Titolo:Histories of the electron : the birth of microphysics / edited by Jed Z. Buchwald and Andrew Warwick.
Pubblicazione:Cambridge (Mass.) :  the MIT press,  2001.  
Descrizione fisica:XI, 514 p. :  ill., ritr. ;  24 cm  
Serie:Dibner institute studies in the history of science and technology
Altri autori:Warwick, Andrew.
Buchwald, Jed Zachary, 1949-
Discipline:Fisica atomica, nucleare e subnucleare--Studi.
Sudd. cronologiche:Secolo XIX.
Secolo XX.
Contiene:Smith, George E. 1938-  J.J. Thomson and the electron, 1897-1899.    
Falconer, Isobel J.  Corpuscles to electrons.    
Gooday, Graeme 1965-  Questionable matter of electricity.    
Lelong, Benoit.  Paul Villard, J.J. Thomson, and the composition of cathode rays.    
Arabatzis, Theodore.  Zeeman effect and the discovery of the electron.    
Kragh, Helge 1944-  Electron, the protyle, and the unity of matter.    
Knudsen, Ole 1939-  O.W. Richardson and the electron theory of matter, 1901-1916.    
Kaiser, Walter.  Electron gas theory of metals.    
Brown, Laurie M.  Electron and the nucleus.    
Hoddeson, Lillian 1940-  Electron, the hole, and the transistor.    
Nye, Mary Jo.  Remodeling a classic.    
Gavroglu, Kostas 1947- .  Physicist's electron and its appropriation by the chemists.    
Achinstein, Peter.  Who really discovered the electron?.    
Morrison, Margaret.  History and metaphysics.    
Bain, Jonathan.  What should philosophers of science learn from the history of the electron?.    
Rasmussen, Nicolas.  Role of theory in the use of instruments, or, how much do we need to know about electrons to do science with an electron microscope?.    
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