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Titolo:Music as medicine : the history of music therapy since antiquity / edited by Peregrine Horden.
Pubblicazione:Aldershot :  Ashgate,  c2000.  
Descrizione fisica:VIII, 401 p. :  ill. ;  24 cm  
Visionato in:IMSS
Altri autori:Horden, Peregrine.
Discipline:Terapie speciali--Studi.
Contiene:Horden, Peregrine.  Musical solutions.    
West, Martin Litchfield 1937-2015.  Music therapy in antiquity.    
Shiloah, Amnon.  Jewish and Muslim traditions of music therapy.    
Katz, Jonathan Bernard.  Music therapy.    
Page, Christopher.  Music and medicine in the thirteenth century.    
Jones, Peter Murray.  Music therapy in the later Middle Ages.    
Voss, Angela.  Marsilio Ficino, the second Orpheus.    
Gouk, Penelope Mary.  Music, melancholy, and medical spirits in early modern thought.    
León Sanz, Pilar.  Medical theories of tarantism in eighteenth-century Spain.    
Kramer, Cheryce.  Music as cause and cure of illness in nineteenth-century Europe.    
Tyler, Helen M.  Music therapy profession in modern Britain.    
Gentilcore, David.  Ritualized illness and music therapy.    
Heather, Noel.  Curing man and the cosmos.    
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