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Autore principale:Palladino, Franco.
Titolo:Sulle raccolte museali italiane di modelli per le matematiche superiori : catalogo generale e sito web / Franco Palladino, Nicla Palladino.
Abstract:We present here the general catalogue and the website of the mathematical models found in the Italian universities of Catania, Messina, Bari, Naples, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Modena, Ferrara, Parma, Pavia, Milan, Padua, Turin and Genoa. For the most part they consist of old models published by the firms Ludwig Brill in Darmstadt, Martin Schilling in Halle an der Saale (later Leipzig), by H. Wiener for G. B. Teubner in Leipzig or belonging to the "Collections Charles Muret" published by Charles Delagrave in Paris. Other models were produced by different firms. A small number were even produced in Italy at the laboratories annexed to universities and, among these we also include the reproduction created in Florence by Luigi Campedelli in the 1950s with the support of the Unione Matematica Italiana. This research on the models (almost all of which are accompanied by the relevant images) can be carried out principally on the basis of the following criteria: Name of model - Catalogue - Material - Year of publication - Designer - Builder - Publisher - Location. The addres of the mirrored web sites are: www.dmi/ and  
Visionato in:IMSS
In:Nuncius    A. 16, fasc. 2 (2001), p. 781-790
Altri autori:Palladino, Nicla,  (coautore.)
Keyword:Strumenti--Calcolo e Disegno.
Sudd. cronologiche:Secolo XIX.
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