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Autore principale:Scott, Josef Frederick.
Titolo:A history of mathematics from antiquity to the beginning of the nineteenth century / J.F. Scott ; foreword by H.W. Turnbull.
Pubblicazione:London :  Taylor & Francis,  1960.  
Descrizione fisica:VIII, 266 p. :  ill. ;  26 cm  
Contiene:Indice: 1. Mathematics in antiquity 2. The beginnings of Greek mathematics 3. The invention of trigonometry 4. The decline of Alexandrian science : the dark ages and the revival 5. Mathematics in the Orient 6. Mathematics during the Renaissance : from Regiomontanus to Descartes 7. The seventeenth century : new methods in geometry 8. The rise of mechanics 9. The invention of decimal fractions and of logarithms 10. The invention of the calculus 11. The binomial theorem and the Principia philosophiae 12. Development of analytical methods 13. From Euler to Lagrange 14. The beginnings of modern geometry 15. Arithmetic, the queen of mathematics. Appendix: 1. Brief biographical notes on the persons mentioned in the preceding pages 2. Brief notes on some of the topics mentioned in the last four chapters
Note galileane:MCMULLIN, 5254 "See esp.: The rise of mechanics, pp. 119-126"
Altri autori:Turnbull, Herbert Westren, 1885-1961.
Discipline:Matematica--Studi di carattere generale.