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Autore principale:Nobel Symposium (123 :, 2002 : Stockholm).
Titolo:The science-industry nexus : history, policy, implications : Nobel symposium 123 / Karl Grandin, Nina Wormbs, Sven Widmalm editors.
Pubblicazione:Sagamore Beach :  Science history publications/USA,  2004.  
Descrizione fisica:XVII, 457 p. :  ill. ;  24 cm  
Note:Tenuto nel 2002 a Stoccolma
Visionato in:IMSS
Altri autori:Grandin, Karl.
Wormbs, Nina.
Widmalm, Sven.
Discipline:Politica e scienza--Studi.
Tecnologia--Studi di carattere generale.
Scienze--Studi di carattere generale.
Sudd. cronologiche:Secolo XX.
Contiene:Grandin, Karl.  From the linear model to the triple helix and beyond.    
Asner, Glen R.  Linear model, the U.S. Department of defense, and the golden age of industrial research.    
Edgerton, David.  Linear model did not exist reflections on the history and historiography of science and research in industry in the twentieth century.    
Hounshell, David A.  Industrial research.    
Pavitt, Keith.  Changing patterns of usefulness of University research opportunities and dangers.    
Creager, Angela N.H.  Industrialization of radioisotopes by the U.S. Atomic energy commission.    
Walsh, Vivien.  Paradigms in the evolution of life sciences research, and the changing structure of the innovative organization.    
Rheinberger, Hans-Jörg 1946-  Physics and chemistry of life.    
Fleck, James.  Structure of technological evolutions linear models, configurations, and systems of development.    
Misa, Thomas J.  Beyond linear models science, technology, and processes of change.    
Vessuri, Hebe M.C.  History of science and policy implications in a developing country setting.    
Shapin, Steven 1943-  Who is the industrial scientist? Commentary from academic sociology and from the shop-floor in the United States, ca. 1900-ca. 1970.    
Hughes, Jeff.  History of science, the public, and the problem of policy some reflections from the United Kingdom.    
Nowotny, Helga.  Does history of science have policy implications?.    
Hessenbruch, Arne.  Trials and promise of a web-history of materials research.    
Harper, Peter.  Preservation and access issues in contemporary scientific archives an archivist's view.    
With Andersen, Hakon.  Science, technology, history and society, what is the problem?.    
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