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Titolo:Albert Einstein : chief engineer of the universe : pocketguide / [translations Gloria Custance ... et al.].
Pubblicazione:[Weinheim :  Wiley-VCH],  c2005.  
Descrizione fisica:216 p. :  ill. ;  20 cm  
Note:Catalogo della Mostra tenuta a Berlino nel 2005
Contiene:Indice: Pt. 1. Worldview and knowledge acquisition: 1. Invisible forces 2. Labyrinth of the microworlds. Pt. 2. Einstein, his life's path: 1. Borderline problems of classical physics 2. The Einstein papers project 3. Challenges in the laboratory 4. Milieu of a childhood 5. Milieu of revolution 6. The annus mirabilis 7. Einstein's academic career 8. First experimental confirmations 9. The unsolved problem of gravitation 10. The completing of the relativity revolution 11. The triumph of the theory of relativity 12. Towards a new cosmology 13. The search for the unity of nature 14. The unfinished quantum revolution 15. Wave and particle as a persistent contradiction 16. The paradoxes of quantum mechanics 17. World War and revolution 18. At the anti-relativist's front 19. Einstein the public figure 20. Einstein and Judaism 21. Emigration 22. Einstein in America. Pt. 3. Einstein's world today: 1. Worldviews of modern science 2. Relativity under suspicion 3. Science as a challenge 4. Einstein under suspicion 5. Einstein, the legend. Pt. 4. Encounter with Einstein
Altri autori:Custance, Gloria.
Discipline:Teoria della relatività--Persone.
Persone:Einstein, Albert, 1879-1955.
Sudd. cronologiche:Secolo XX.
Collocazione:Cons. Esposizioni 2005/ 17
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