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Autore principale:Zielinski, Siegfried, 1951-
Titolo:Deep time of the media : toward an archaeology of hearing and seeing by technical means / Siegfried Zielinski ; translated by Gloria Custance.
Pubblicazione:Cambridge (Massachusetts) :  The MIT press,  c2006.  
Descrizione fisica:XIV, 375 p. :  ill., ritr. ;  24 cm  
Serie:Electronic culture
Contiene:Indice: Foreword / by Timothy Druckrey. Acknowledgments. 1. Introduction: The idea of a deep time of the media 2. Fortuitous finds instead of searching in vain: methodological borrowings and affinities for an anarchaeology of seeing and hearing by technical means 3. Attraction and repulsion: Empedocles 4. Magic and experiment: Giovan Battista della Porta 5. Light and shadow, consonance and dissonance: Athanasius Kircher 6. Electrification, tele-writing, seeing close up: Johann Wilhelm Ritter, Joseph Chudy and Jan Evangelista Purkyne 7. The discovery of a pit, a camera obscura of iniquity: Cesare Lombroso 8. The economy of time: Aleksej Kapitanovich Gastev 9. Conclusions: including a proposal for the cartography of media anarchaeology. Notes. Bibliography. Credits. Index
Altri autori:Custance, Gloria.
Druckrey, Timothy.
Discipline:Ingegneria elettrotecnica e delle comunicazioni--Studi.
Collocazione:LS 15253
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